Basically, I make things pretty.” Or at least that’s how I explained it to my grandmother when she asked me what I do.


Maybe pretty isn’t the best word to describe my design abilities ... funky, fun, professional, dynamic, clean ... ok, maybe there isn’t just one word to describe my design skills, but who wants to be described in just one word?


During my nearly fifteen-year career as a designer, I have worked within an internal marketing department of a major corporation and as part of a highly motivated team of advertising professionals. Having polished my skills in those two arenas, I wanted the challenge of owning my own graphic design business.


As a freelance designer, I can channel my creative drive into a variety of products. Each client, each project is different, and each requires a different approach. From the traditional to the downright funky, my portfolio illustrates the wide range of products and services available from La Fleur Design.


As our world changes, the needs of my clients change with it. As your needs change, La Fleur Design wants to accompany you on your journey. From basic logo design to the development of an entire multimedia campaign, I can lead you in imaginative and innovative directions!

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